Monday, August 5, 2013

Green Tea Truffle

How many of you are fond of Green tea? It's loaded with antioxidants, is good for weight loss, helps in maintaining good oral health.  Green tea is considered to be one of the "MUST" food you should include in your diet. When I started making chocolates, I always wanted to try the combination of chocolate with green tea. I developed this recipe on my own, so it was more of an experiment, then a fool proof method. The result was not disappointing. I am not sure if traditional chocoholics will like this truffle because "Green tea truffle" has a hint of bitterness in it, but yet it's something worth trying if you are health conscious and like to have your chocolate with a twist.

The green tea that I have used in my recipe is " Tetley green tea" . You can replace it with any tea of your choice. I think the ideal green tea to be used, for this recipe would be " Japanese matcha" which is  a Japanese green tea and is used in cakes and other kind of desserts. I still have to lay my hands on this product as it is rarely available in India. Also I have used white chocolate in my recipe, since I wanted to balance the sweetness of chocolate with the bitterness of green tea.

Ingredients for Truffle-

White chocolate - 200 gm
Cream - 100 gm
Green tea bags ( tetley) - 4-5
Coating of your choice- colored chocolate vermicelli


  1. Bring your cream just to boil, in a medium sauce pan, over medium heat.  Add Green tea to cream and let it simmer for 2 mins.
  2. Take this mixture off heat and let it sit for a while. This will let cream absorb green tea flavor.
  3. Take a sieve and pass this mixture through it. It will separate green tea particles from cream and leave a creamy potion to be used for chocolate.
  4. Heat this cream again over medium flame and pour it over white chocolate, in a heat proof bowl.
  5. Stir this mixture till your chocolate is smooth.
  6. Cover this bowl with a cling film and keep it in fridge for the chocolate to be firm. The mixture should be very cold and set.
  7. Use a spoon or melon baller to scoop balls of chocolate mixture and transfer them on a parchment paper
  8. Use your hands, to quickly shape them into rough round. Remember, if you use too much of hand contact, your chocolate will melt due to body heat.
  9. Roll these balls into a coating of your choice.
  10. Store them in a fridge, in air tight container for upto 2 weeks.

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