Saturday, June 8, 2013

Salted caramel chocolate

I know, I haven't been regular on my blog. I am going to try and make up for that, by sharing this recipe today. So, here we go :)

The first and most important part of "salted caramel chocolate" is the caramel part. For making caramel all we need is sugar, cream and salt. Caramel can be made by dry method and wet method. I will be discussing dry method since it takes less time and the result is awesome.  We need to pour sugar in a heavy bottom pan and put it on medium flame. One should avoid any kind of stirring at this point, since that can lead to crystallization. Slowly sugar will start liquefying. This stage is very important, since we don't want sugar to burn.  Once the liquid has attained a little brown color, you can take it off heat. . Now at this stage add cream to it and also stir it constantly so that the mixture blends completely.  At last you can add a little salt to this mixture or you can use it just the way it is.  I add salted butter at times which gives a very buttery and salty flavor to caramel. Point is, you can make your caramel as per your taste buds by doing your own experiments.

Caramel can be made well in advance and can be stored in fridge for at least a month. . You can use it in lot of desserts. For making  caramel filled chocolates, we need chocolate mould. You need to make chocolate shell and fill caramel sauce into it, let it harden in fridge and then cover it with tempered chocolate.  One can use dark chocolate or milk chocolate as per preference.


for making caramel -
sugar - 1 cup
Cream - half cup
salt/ butter - as per taste / optional

for making chocolate shell-
dark/milk chocolate - 250 gms

Yield - 12-15 chocolates

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