Wednesday, May 8, 2013

first post

hellooo everyone!!

This is my first blog as " Bliss Chocolates" . I have always loved chocolates. Who doesn't actually? I started blogging and also found my interest in chocolate making and then I thought why not write a blog about chocolate making:) This way I can share my recipes with all of you. We can learn the art of chocolate making together. Chocolate making is a new venture for me and every day is a new experience . Sometimes I fail and sometimes I make something truly delicious:)

 If you have interest in chocolate making, the options are unlimited . You can make flavored chocolates , nut chocolates , you can take fresh fruits and cover them in chocolates and have them as dessert, post meal. You can make liquor chocolates or center soft chocolates with the filling of your choice. It's totally up to you, how to use your creativity. Visualize your master piece, decide on your process,  gather your ingredients and that's it. 

Chocolates actually makes a very good gift option and they are even better if they are home made. You can surprise your friends, relatives with your work of art :) who doesn't like it, if it's chocolate, garnished with some love:)

will be talking about "more chocolates" from my next blog.

till then, have  a wonderful day:)

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